Neem & Orange Shea Soap

to boost & nourish


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Hand-blended at source by local producers earning more because of you.

  • Rich in essential oils & vitamins E & C.
  • Kind & balancing to irritated skin.
  • Mood-boosting citrus burst.
  • Supports developing communities.
  • Honest & Natural

All profits for Honestley Ltd are distributed to charity.


This regenerative infusion of neem & orange essential oil restores & enhances tired or irritated skin. Their ultra-hydrating, nourishing properties, rich in vitamin C, amplify the coconut oil & shea butter base to provide a healing clean. Orange essential oil lifts spirits with a revitalising citrus burst. Natural, handmade soap, harmless to skin & planet.


Citrus sinensis peel (Orange) oil, Glycerin, Melia azadirachta seed (Neem) oil and dried leaves [flecks in the soap], Sodium Castorate (From Castor Seed Oil), Sodium Cocoate (From Coconut), Sodium Shea Butterate (From Shea Butter). Allergens naturally occurring in essential oils: d-Limonene, Linalol.

More about our ingredients.

Our packaging is biodegradable and made of 100% recycled paper.


We use either Royal Mail, or DPD couriers to ensure that your package arrives safely with you and in perfect shape.  The warehouse services that we use are independent from Honestley Ltd. and provide us with a ‘pick, pack and dispatch’ service. Your shipping charge pays for the majority of this cost meaning more of your product purchase cost can be routed to charity to help others. 

More about our natural ingredients

Orange (Citrus sinensis) peel oil is obtained from the bright, delicious Mediterranean (originally Asian) fruit’s rind. Antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant, the vitamin C bomb is a skin soother, saver and rejuvenator. The distinctive, enlivening zest both boosts mood and relaxes and is known to increase serotonin levels.

Glycerin is a vegetable-based humectant that both hydrates and protects skin and hair from irritants. Ours is a natural by-product of saponification of Shea Butter and Coconut oil.

Neem (Azadirachta indica) is an ancient Indian green-leaf tree used in Ayurvedic medicine for centuries. Antifungal, antibacterial & anti-inflammatory with high vitamin E content, neem is a hydrating and regenerative natural treatment for dry scalp and irritated skin.

Castor (Ricinus communis) oil comes from the beans of the Ethiopian castor plant. Uses date back 4000 years to China and India with beans also discovered in ancient Egyptian tombs. Anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties help soften and hydrate the skin thus making it smoother and younger-looking. Omega 9 fatty oils moisturise, condition and protect skin and hair.

Virgin Coconut (Cocos nucifera) oil is a fatty oil extracted from the world’s largest seed: the coconut. It’s high fat content (92%), antibacterial, antiviral and antiprotozoal properties have made it the natural industries’ new hero. Dry or itchy scalp? Soothed. Sensitive skin? Ultra-hydrating and high in vitamin E, it can repair, condition, soothe, cleanse and tone both the body and hair.

Shea butter (Butyrospermum parkii) is a smooth, dense butter extracted from the fruit of the Karite tree – or Tree of Life – indigenous to Africa. High in vitamin E and a variety of natural vitamins and acids, it soothes, hydrates and revitalises hair and body. Anti-inflammatory properties can tame dry skin and scalp while its non-greasy texture can soften and enliven greasy or brittle hair. We source our hand-processed shea butter from the CMA women cooperative in Tamale.

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