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We set up Honestley as we wanted to directly and positively influence how a product was made from start to finish. We wanted a pure and natural skin product that as well as being high quality, in some way did good on its journey from conception to manufacture to delighted end user. We believe in ethically sourced and organic ingredients. We strongly believe in giving back to those less fortunate than ourselves. We believe in and are Social & Responsible. We are Honestley.

Our Social & Responsible Neem & Orange Shea Soap allows overseas rural communities opportunities that they would never have otherwise had and also allows us – the Honestley Team – to give back to society in general; nationally and internationally. Our narrative is simple: any profits that we make will all be given to charity. 

We are encouraging our local, national and international corporate contacts to buy Honestley for their clients, as a rather different kind of corporate gift, knowing that so much good can and will be done from this small act of kindness. We also happen to think that our soap is rather good too.

Thank you so much for your support.

Your Honestley Team.

About Honestley

Through our partnership with PoaPoa we are able to work with small producers from rural, emerging communities to cultivate botanical blends and introduce them to a market they couldn’t otherwise access.

Everyone contributes so we all reap the rewards – you included.

As opportunities increase around a homegrown supply chain, businesses, teams and individuals grow, meaning communities grow.

Straight from the source.

In the past, these communities only sold raw ingredients – not coconut oil or shea butter, but coconuts and shea nuts. They only had one client and were bound to their offer – no matter how low. Either accept a little or get nothing.

How has this been fixed?

Farm-level processing: process the raw ingredients where they are farmed, create the product nearby and ship for more.

By processing at source, instead of, say, selling a coconut for pennies, they can sell a soap bar with coconut oil for pounds. It’s that simple.

The achievements of this model are marvellous and many.

For you.

You are guaranteed natural, high quality and hand-blended soap from a source you can trust. Plus, you make a direct difference with your purchase – creating opportunities that lift communities out of poverty.

For the rural communities.

Processing local resources at source creates opportunities for local people, such as grinding shea nuts for butter in Ghana; local people acquire skilled jobs. This means an area retains its community as higher paying, fulfilling work is available.

These communities’ women, in particular, are given the opportunity to thrive. As many have children, they rely on local, part-time work to sustain their families. Without it, they either cannot work or are forced to move away from their homes, closer to an employer.

For the planet.

By removing many stages from the typical chain, the carbon footprint of each product is significantly lowered. Also, because all ingredients are natural, chemical alternatives are not required, thus further decreasing the carbon footprint.

Outstanding, honest, natural products straight from the source.

And if that wasn’t enough…

Honestley pledges to donate all profits to charity. Everything. It’s all about doing some good and it really is as simple as that. 

Thank you so much again for your support.

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