Dishonestley XV - Eau de Parfum For Men 50ML


A confident and masculine scent for a man who wants to stand out from the crowd.

Play it safe, follow the rules, become a conformist. Or, live life to the full and do it your way. Dishonestley XV for men, the new scent from Honestley.

50ml Spray Bottle with luxurious notes of winter lemon, grapefruit, bergamot, orange blossom, thai basil, vetiver, amber wood, oakmoss, patchouli & musk.

Technical details.
An Eau de Parfum typically has an higher concentration of aromatic compounds in the fragrance than, say, an Aftershave or Eau de Toilette. That gives it real staying power.

The higher the concentration, so the longer the scent remains, but also the higher the risk of it agitating the skin. With this in mind, we suggest avoiding the face, instead applying in moderation to the wrists, and lower neck area. Dishonestley Eau de Parfum should last around 6-8 hours after application. Of course, everyone’s body chemistry is unique, so this will vary from one Dishonestley man to the next.

Fragrance Family: Aromatic, Citrus & Woody
Top Notes: Mild Citrus
Heart Notes: Mixed Spices
Base Notes: Mature Vetiver, Wood Notes Maturing Over Time
Scent Intensity & Longevity: Moderate

A footnote from your Honestley Team

When it comes to skincare, we will always be passionate advocates about keeping what goes on your skin multiple times a day, completely 100% organic. We are passionate about pure and natural skincare products made without using harsh chemicals and alcohol. However, when it comes to fragrances, in particular an Eau de Parfum, the inclusion of certain types of chemicals – mainly alcohol – simply cannot be avoided. Sometimes taking the nonconformist path appeals and we happen to think that when something smells as good as Dishonestley that the odd modest spray on your wrists/neck is more than acceptable. We’re sure you’ll agree.

Dishonestley by Honestley Cambridge  2018

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